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CHANGELOG 25/02/2021 [ Beta 3 ]

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Aug 11, 2020
Orb of toxic
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-- beta 3 released --

Major Changes :

+ Auth system :

*NEW* Added auth system.

1 ) members must have at least 50 posts and 100 likes to get Authentication key.
  • Our Auth System is like a login for a specific tool. Before getting access to the tool you are about to open, you will need to put your Key in, which is linked to your
  • Is the Auth Key free ? Yes, but there are some requirements in order to get your auth key. You need at least 50 Posts and 100 Likes.
  • Can I skip the requirements and get my Auth key instant ? Yes. Members who are Premiums, Ultimates or Royals always get their Auth Key instantly.
  • Can I skip the requirements with my account credits ? No, the credits is for buying special items and gifts in the community and has nothing to do with the auth system.
2 ) If you encounter any problems with your Auth Key while trying to access a tool, the best way is to just re-generate a new Key.
3 ) For more details visit our auth page

+ Achievements system :

*NEW* Added Achievements system.

1 ) don't have enough money to buy a subscription ?? By completing the required posts and likes, you can be upgraded to SUPERIORS / LEGENDS user groups and use their unique features.

  • Added unique features and perks for both of usergroups.
  • Added new userbanners for SUPERIORS and LEGENDS.
  • The best way to achieve better use of the forum features.
  • The management and staff team, do not need these requirements.
  • After passing the Requirements, user groups will change automatically. This usually takes 1-2 Hours.
2 ) For more details visit our Achievements page

+ Chatbox system :

*NEW* Added new chatbox system.

1 ) One of the best and most advanced chating system among users. you can easily chat with users and your friends.

Main Features :

  • Dedicated and multiple rooms
  • Top chatters page.
  • Members can send private conversations to each other.
  • Some user group permissions for special members
  • Members can like and report each other.
  • Special members can edit / delete own chats.
  • Members list in the left side of the chatbox.
  • Some rooms has been protected by the passwords. to enter them, you must either obtain a license from staff team or know the password.
Important : To send a post in the chat box, you must follow the rules of the chat box. We are very sensitive to the content submitted by users and if we see a discrepancy in it, we will deal severely with the user who violates the rules.

Minor Changes :
  1. Fixed minor bugs.
  2. Fixed chatbox bugs.
  3. Fixed bugs in live statistics.
  4. Fixed bugs in proxy lists section.

Kind Regards,
Management & Support Team
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