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  1. Sarvin

    CHANGELOG 26/03/2021 [ Beta 4 ]

    -- beta 4 released --Major Changes :Fixed minor bugs. Fixed tabbed widget bugs. Fixed automatically awarded system bugs. Added new items, more icons and new image arts. Balanced credits system to receive for each post and topic. Fixed chat box, Messages and Threads "bbWrapper" bugs. (...
  2. Sarvin

    CHANGELOG 25/02/2021 [ Beta 3 ]

    -- beta 3 released --Major Changes :+ Auth system :*NEW* Added auth system.1 ) members must have at least 50 posts and 100 likes to get Authentication key.Our Auth System is like a login for a specific tool. Before getting access to the tool you are about to open, you will need to...
  3. Sarvin

    CHANGELOG 16/02/2021 [ Beta 2 ]

    -- beta 2 released --Major Changes :Fixed minor bugs ( beta 2 ). Login And Register With Discord. Automatic post on discord with your profile and username. New emojies and gifs. you can now use them in chattbox and posts. Improved upgrade section ( sellix payment ). Improved member shop...
  4. Sarvin

    CHANGELOG 22/01/2021 [ Beta 1 ]

    -- beta 1 released --Major Changes :Fixed more bugs. ( beta 1 released ). we have a total of 5 beta versions that we will release gradually. Fixed Editor bugs / reassin more options. New tabbed forum lists. this feature is not visible to guests. Added new "pepe" emojies. you can now use...
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