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Aug 11, 2020
In order to increase the efficiency of the forum and respect the rights of users, we have developed unique features, one of which is the "Xreactor Cards" system.

Now we want to know what these cards are and what their benefits are ?!

If I simply want to describe the benefits of these cards, I suggest you visit this page first. Go to the Awards / Xreactor Cards

Now, by reading the description of each card, you can find out the benefit of each one.

  • For example :

Justice Token

Increases your chances of receiving awards for 15%
Collect 5 bronze cards to receive "Grand Master" award
Rank : Bronze Card
Zafina's Token

Increases your chances of receiving awards for 40%
Collect 5 silver cards to become a Ultimates
Rank : Silver Card
Silent Knight Token

Increases your chances of receiving awards for 30%
You will be promoted to the SUPERIORS usergroup
Rank : Golden Card

  • Benefits of Credits ?

  • We have 5 cards from each rank ( Bronze - Silver - Golden ) in the forum.
  • The number of "legendary cards" is not known and may increase or decrease in the future.
  • Each card has its own benefit.
  • If one of them is collected. Is displayed in the member profile section, it zooms in if you move the mouse towards it.
  • The cards are permanently displayed in the member profile.
  • Collecting some cards gives credits - special awards - chances of receiving awards to the users.
  • Some cards will promote the users to the higher usergroups.
  • "Increases your chances of receiving awards for 20%" This means that the user increases her/his chances of receiving "user owned awards" by collecting such cards.
  • By collecting these cards, the user's points is increased and administrators recognize this user as an official and active member of the forum.
  • Having these cards increases the user's prestige and makes his profile beautiful. ( For those for whom the visual aspects are very important ).

  • How to collect these cards ?

1) Collecting these cards depends on your activity and it is not clear exactly how to collect the desired card.

2) Every user is entitled to receive a card with his useful activity. Don't worry, even if you have 5 useful posts, you may receive several cards.

  • FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy xreactor cards?
A. Yes, users can purchase their favorite card with their account credits in the future.
Q. Are these cards be displayed in the member profile for a limited time (for example : 1 months)?
A. No, all cards are permanently displayed in the member profile.
Q. Are these cards always displayed in black and white color?
A. No. If you collect these cards, users can view them with original color and in a larger size in each other's member profile.
Q. What should I do after receiving 5 bronze / silver cards?
A. There is no need to do anything anymore. everything is done automatically.

*** If you collected one of the xreactor cards but did not receive the prizes, contact the management team ***

Kind Regards,
Management & Support Team
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