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  1. Nitroplex

    Tutorials Input Validation Attacks

    👨‍💻Input Validation Attacks📝 Input Validation Attacks are where an attacker intentionally sends unusual input in the hopes of confusing the application. The most common input validation attacks are as follows- 1) Buffer Overflow :- Buffer overflow attacks are enabled due to sloppy programming...
  2. Nitroplex

    Hacking How to do a DDOS attack via Termux?

    🤖 How to do a DDOS attack via Termux? 🤖 🔸What is DDoS? 🔸By carrying out a "* denial of service * attack" (DDoS), the attackers aim to flood servers or computer systems with a large number of requests until they make their services and sites unavailable. Internet or other Internet services...
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