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    Venmo Method


    Oct 20, 2020
    Venmo Method

    • Get fullz (not business) 
    • For advanced user you can buy  (cvv) and find the DOB AND SSN  in shops.  

    🧰 -  phone 📱 
    🧰 -  vpn ( 🇺🇸)  country is fine 
    🧰 - numbers + emails 

    To create emails with different domains for example go to ( after you Sign up you can create alias address for free) 

    - working bins - 510805 510774 - 434769 - 601100 (510774) 



    1 - connect VPN ( country ) 

    2 - make a Venmo account under (cc-cvv-fullz ) holder name and verify with SSN - DOB and ADDRESS to send over 300$ at once. 

    3 - after making an account you can link up to 3 ccs In one single Venmo account and no name doesn’t have to match only the first one is necessary 

    So one 1 is going be under holder name and other 2 you can link anyone’s

    4 - once you verify and successfully added the cc you are ready to send.. but where ? 

    5 - you’re going to make an account or (under any name )  or if you already have one make sure it’s not registered  to Venmo. 

    6 - now send money to your unregistered email from the Venmo account you just created and added the cc. If the the card you bought is value and has balance money will send instant without any problem. Ane you can keep sending until the card stops working. 

    7 - don’t worry lol your money is still there when ever you do register email. Sending money to unregistered email is a smart way to avoid Venmo freezing accounts in this case you don’t even have a account with that email to even start with 🎯 

    8 - you can later register to with that email under you name or friends family link you bank and do stander cash out 

    9 - if your cc you just bought doesn’t link to Venmo means something is wrong In that case I use truth finder and find the right zip code and current address or last. 

    10 - don’t link more then 3 cards in one account even if card doesn’t work don’t link over 3 it will get automatic declined even if cc has balance . 

    Enjoy this was one of the most requested method

    Telegram @trx059


    Telegram @trx059

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