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Announcements Basic rules & tips for submitting thread!

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Feb 24, 2021

We would like to provide you basic rules & tips for submitting threads in different sections. It means every and each section has it's own unique and common rules to be followed.

Rules & Tips for different sections are as follows -:
(Scroll to the appropriate section rules you are looking for!)

Rules for General Section:
  • Always Submit threads in relevant forum of your thread's topic. For Example, If you want to make a thread on cracking then post thread at cracking forum only.
  • General Section is not a market place so don't post any thread related to selling, buying or trading.
  • For Introduction Forum - You can introduce yourself by telling your name and skills/profession. Don't post any personal information like Age, ****, Phone Number, Email etc. If you post these personal information then we are not responsible if anything happens.
  • For Giveaway Forum - Organize real giveaway, and you are not allowed to request any type of giveaways. If you are found doing fake giveaway then you can get a long term ban or muted.
Rules for Cracking Section:
  • Before submitting anything like combos, configs, accounts etc. Make sure to hide your download link or target link by these codes.

[REPLYANDTHANKS] Your Hidden Content Should be added here! [/REPLYANDTHANKS]


[REPLYTHANKS] Your Hidden Content Should be added here! [/REPLYTHANKS]

  • While Submitting Accounts, Always store accounts at paste text websites like ,, etc and then give link to them inside your thread, and again don't forget to use hide feature to hide your links.
  • If you want to sell or buy accounts, then use store page to publish your files. Don't use premium account section.
  • While Submitting Combos, Define you combo whether it is email: pass or user: pass using prefix options.
  • Download Links of Combos, Configs, dorks, proxy or tools should not be an ad link! It should be direct and clean.
  • If you are sharing configs then always share them in only relevant sub forums. For example if you have open bullet config then submit threads regarding them at only Open Bullet Sub Forum.
  • If you have any quires or requests regarding cracking then always use Crackers Support & Requests forum.
Rules for Cracked Apps/Software Section:
  • While Submitting any app, software or game, You have to follow this basic things, i.e, provide images of that particular app or game, Give instructions on how to install them and at last Provide Virustotal Scan, Without Virustotal scan, Your Thread will be removed!
  • Provide only Direct Download Links, Referring to other websites is not allowed. For sake of your contribution, You can always use your signature portion to provide a backlink to your own source/website. (Promoting other forum website is not allowed in signature portion.)
  • Always use prefix to define your thread that whether it is a request or download source.
  • Always use relevant forum for submitting resource. For example, if you want submit a pc game or request a pc game then only use Game Forum under PC Category.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Manager & Support Team
Thread Closed
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