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  1. Noobster

    Openbullets SuRfShArK Api Fixed (13/4/21)

    SuRfShArK Fixed (8/4/21) IVE FIXED THE CONFIG WHICH SKIPS HITS PROXIES: YES (MQ WORKS) API :YES (PRIVATE) CPM: 500+(Tested with MQ) BOTS: 50-70 CAPTURE: YES ( plan, expiry ,autorenewal ,remaining days, credit card ) FREE ACCOUNT GOES TO CUSTOM 100% CHECKED... NOTE: BEFORE I POSTED IS SURFSHARK...
  2. Noobster

    Openbullets SuRfShArK Android Api (23/03/2021)

    SuRfShArK Api (23/03/2021) PROXIES: YES (LQ WORKS) API :YES (ANDROID) CPM: 740+(Tested with MQ) BOTS: 100 CAPTURE: YES(plan,expiry,autorenewal,remainingdays,creditcard) FREE ACCOUNT GOES TO CUSTOM LEAVE A LIKE AND REPLY FOR ANOTHER HQ POST...
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