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  1. benitekser

    Software  Robot stealing members For telegram

    Robot stealing members of the groupWritten with PythonPrerequisites :Python3andInstall the pyrogram packageAfter installing Python, enter the following command in cmd to install the packagepip install pyrogramExecution steps :1 - Edit the main.py file and enter the admin...
  2. OkProg

    Software  Hit Sender By OkProg | Xreactor.org

    Hit Sender By OkProg | Xreactor.orgProgram for send crackers hits to telegram bot easily!- With this software don’t lose your cracked accounts and notify in telegram ;) • can hide in background for using in illegal rdps • 2 methods for send line by line and all new lines • working with...
  3. V

    Server management robot (#Premium_Members)

    📌 #Premium_MembersServer management robot Capabilities : | » Change the password of the Telegram robot even if you are not on the server | » Create a new username with a command and send it as IP and username and password | » Receiving an IP server sends a new IP even if the previous IP...