1. Mega3R

    Reports  Cards not show

    Profile only show 4 cards Mega3R Profile @Sarvin @Virtual_Alien Thanks
  2. Sarvin

    New Updates  [NEW] - Profile comments

    Hello Dear Members,In the new update we added a new system to the forum called "Profile comments". which you can exchange opinions or talk with your friends and other users in their user profiles.Be careful with your comments. No any bad words or insulting or spamming are acceptable...
  3. Wizard

    Profile Music

    You can use this item for 1 month By purchasing this item, you can insert your desired music for your profile. This item automatically discard after configuration. You can purchase this item for 7,000 credits of your account. You can sell-back it for 3,000 credits in 24 hours.If you have any...