1. RobertDeNitro

    Leaks  Crypters & Binders Pack - Updated 2021

    Hey y'all, have fun with these ! the world !
  2. TheJavaSea

    Leaks  T Crypter + Binder (FUD) V2 BETA |

    Beta Changes:- Specify Number Of Auto Runs: (Injects "program.bat" script with NIRCMD Utility Tool).- File Extension Spoofer.Launch Program >> Select Number Of Autoruns >> Navigate and edit "program.bat" script >> Generate your file.Note: Closing "T Crypter + Binder" then reopening will...
  3. TheJavaSea

    Methods  T Crypter + Binder (FUD)

    2 in 1 latest Tool available FUD Crypter and Binder. It’s coded in DELPHI and has many advanced features which allows you to create your own exe file with autorun function from any file selected.T Crypter + Binder Features:- Injects Autorun Function into self generated file. - Binds...