1. pulseowo

    Methods  [XReaCToR] Bad News For COD WARZONE

    Hey Dear Firend! Im Here To Say SomeThing %smily%Bundle Gifting Is Patched%verysad%And Even U Cant Use COD Accs [WARZONE AND COLDWAR ONLY] And They Are UnUsableLeave A Comment , i Will Reply%caffee%
  2. tatys

    Openbullet  [Call Of Duty PC [Cw,Wr,Wz All in One Packed] Tatys-[Xreactor]

    WordList : Email:Pass [Me Combo] :)) Hits Saved %100 Proxy : Free Proxies / Semi-HQ BOTS : 100-200 Website : Capture : Yes [Level,Prestige,Kda, Ratio,Kills,Cod Points,Ranked,Linked Account,[] Proxyless:NoLink:*** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the...
  3. tatys

    Openbullet  [Config] Call Of Duty [Warzone] [ ALL IN ONE PACKS ] [CW, MW, WZ] HQ [CAPTURE] NOT WORKED

    Cold War With War Zone Modern Warfare With War Zone Modern Warfare [CP] Cold War [CP]Proxy : [YES [Paid Proxy OR Free] BOTS : 100-150 [no more] Website : Capture : Yes [With Capture COD,Kills,CodPoints,Prestige,Level,KDA,Wins,Rank,Platform,Username] Custom:(minimum 1000 Cod...