1. scrapingbypass

    Tutorials  ScrapingBypass Web Scraping API Bypass Cloudflare

    ScrapingBypass Web Scraping API can bypass all anti-bot detection, Bypass Cloudflare, CAPTCHA verification, WAF, and CC protection. Provides HTTP API and Proxy with a built-in global exclusive high hidden static residential proxy IP. Includes interface address, request parameters, return...
  2. nhatdaoz

    Questions  Help me make this config

    I want to make a openbullet config include solve captcha but I don't know how to make Can someone help me done with this = Hereis my captcha link
  3. Sedlyf6969

    SilverBullet  Controld config - SILVERBULLET

    Controld config proxy: yes cpm: check yourself bots: 100-150 capture: yes author: @Sedlyf6969Download:*** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  4. Sedlyf6969

    SilverBullet  CC CONFIG STRIPE

    [WLTYPE] Name=1$REQ Regex=(.*?)|(.*?)|(.*?)|(.*?) Verify=True Separator=| Slices=cc,mes,ano,cvvadd this in environment.iniCC CONFIG PROXY: YES BOTS: 100-150 CPM: CHECK YOURSELFDownload from the description of the video [ join my channel from link in description and download ]: *** Hidden...
  5. llkaplan

    Software  Coinbase Brute Checker + Bypass captcha!

    Multi Threaded Proxy HTTP Socks 4Download