1. Cooki3Monster

    SCAMMER  Alonez & Ag_Viperz99

    I, myself - Am personally sick and tired of seeing this same scammer constantly tricking everyone into believing he is some kind of developer or config maker.FIRST ONE & His Channels:
  2. Cooki3Monster

    Methods  Facebook agrees to pay $725M settlement

    Get ahead of the wave before you join everyone trying to ride it Facebook users have just about four months until the claim deadline on Aug. 25, 2023, to submit an application online or by mail.I got 352,000 FRESH -FACEBOOK users fullz (Im personally creating a bot to do an auto application...
  3. K

    SCAMMER  Scammed 30$ by @scoobie253

    Profile link : Thread link : behind this report : i have bought this ebook at december 21 2022 , once bought and read by me i have reached the...
  4. t1pOne

    SCAMMER  Scammed 30$ by @Uswagger (solved)

    His profile: was a task to make a config on the site. To capture I saw the premium account or not. If he said he would do it, he did it. I paid, as a result, the premium account or not is not visible. I need my money back.Screen...
  5. bodjaa

    SCAMMER  Scammed 100$ by @alexhard

    his profile: group telegram where he scam other people: can provide he is scammer on other forums will send link to owner or staff via telegramThank you
  6. Ollah11

    SCAMMER  @bettermils is ******* scammer

    He took $25 from me, trying to buy spectrum emails he went to send me trash and i make complain to him and he block me off
  7. halo150

    Requests  I NEED VENMO SCAMPAGE 2022

  8. REDX

    SCAMMER  Fake "Localbitcoin doubling BTC exploit script" scam

    I'm creating this thread to warn people about this scam, which I have seen multiple times in the forum, and to serve as a reference link for a type 1 flag on the user (and future ones).Scam !!!! after testing ----------------------------- Small description about the scam: The user will post...