1. K

    SCAMMER  Scammed 30$ by @scoobie253

    Profile link : Thread link : behind this report : i have bought this ebook at december 21 2022 , once bought and read by me i have reached the...
  2. t1pOne

    SCAMMER  Scammed 30$ by @Uswagger (solved)

    His profile: was a task to make a config on the site. To capture I saw the premium account or not. If he said he would do it, he did it. I paid, as a result, the premium account or not is not visible. I need my money back.Screen...
  3. bodjaa

    SCAMMER  Scammed 100$ by @alexhard

    his profile: group telegram where he scam other people: can provide he is scammer on other forums will send link to owner or staff via telegramThank you
  4. Ollah11

    SCAMMER  @bettermils is ******* scammer

    He took $25 from me, trying to buy spectrum emails he went to send me trash and i make complain to him and he block me off
  5. halo150

    Requests  I NEED VENMO SCAMPAGE 2022

  6. REDX

    SCAMMER  Fake "Localbitcoin doubling BTC exploit script" scam

    I'm creating this thread to warn people about this scam, which I have seen multiple times in the forum, and to serve as a reference link for a type 1 flag on the user (and future ones).Scam !!!! after testing ----------------------------- Small description about the scam: The user will post...