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    Kali linux  Mass Local File Inclusion (LFI) 2.0

    Hello dear membersNew version of (Mass Local File Inclusion (LFI)) Version 2.0.0By xreactor formusWe can said that`s best LFI Scanner in the world Good for pentester & bug hunterFeatures All bypass included Can bypass all WaF`s in the world Can scan any type of LFIVirus total ...
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    Educations  Mass Local File Inclusion (LFI)

    Hey Guys,New Mass (Local File Inclusion) [LFI]Features Very Fast Bypass Waf + Detect Waf Best Mass LFI Scanner In The World Don`t Miss Any URL Auto Save VuLN Results In VuL(LFI).txt Auto Save Waf Detected Results In Waf_Detected(LFI).txt Auto Save Not VuLN Results In NoT_VuLN(LFI).txtIf...